It’s an often underestimated giant leap of faith, when a client hires a resource to cover a video deposition, they are putting a tremendous amount of trust in that resource to represent them in a way that mirrors their level of service and business integrity. We essentially become the physical representation, the face of the company for that client in that moment of time, and anything that goes right or wrong in the deposition room impacts our clients’ reputation.

Understanding this, our business is really about providing our clients with such a consistently competent service that they have peace of mind on every job we cover. We have spent years training and vetting the right legal videographers so our clients don’t have to worry when we cover a job.

We carefully select the very best videographers who possess a unique combination of a positive professional attitude and extensive technical know-how. All of our videographers dress in professional business attire and are required to arrive to job sites no later than one hour prior to start time.

As a legal video services firm, Digital Depositions has the capacity to cover multiple jobs a day in multiple cities as well as an infrastructure and systems to efficiently manage scheduling, shipping, tracking, billing and post production under one roof. This makes our clients’ businesses run smoother and more efficiently.

In addition to covering video depositions, Digital Depositions has extensive experience with the following services:


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Video Depositions

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Live Streaming Depositions

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Picture in Picture

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Site Inspections

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Day in the Life Documentaries 

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Courtroom Playback

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Equipment Rental:

Elmos/Projectors/Screens/Video Mixers/Monitors

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Video/Transcript Synchronization 

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Clip Editing


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