Digital Depositions is a full service legal video company based in Los Angeles, CA.

Mission Statement: To provide our clients with professional service combined with cutting edge technology.

It is a proven psychological fact that a visual method of communication is vastly more memorable than the written word. Jurors and Judges can see whether a witness is credible or lying much easier with a video record as opposed to the written word where body language and eye movement are absent.

For 7 years, Digital Depositions has provided excellent service to both large and small law firms. We follow all applicable codes in the Civil Codes of Procedure pertaining to a video/audio recording of a deposition proceeding. See Civil Code of Procedure HERE.

Being on time, dressing professionally and utilizing cutting edge technology allows our clients to have peace of mind.

What separates us from the competition? WE GO THE EXTRA MILE.

We don’t just utilize the best technology for our clients, we CREATE it. DD uses its very own DepoKit in EVERY deposition. The Depokit has become popular among legal videographers across the country for its professional appearance, convenience and technology.

We service all of Southern California including Los Angeles, Orange County, and Santa Barbara, CA. We also travel to other states and overseas if needed.

Contact us today to schedule your next deposition.

List of Services:
  • Video Depositions
  • Site Inspections
  • Day in the Life Documentaries
  • Courtroom Playback
  • Elmos/Projectors/Video Mixers
Post Production:
  • MPEG Encoding
  • Video/Transcript Synchronization
  • DVD Authoring
  • Full Service Editing Suite w/Final Cut Pro