Many videographers have piecemeal systems stacked on a dolly cart with wires and cables having to be plugged in and broken down on every job. The physical labor can be tiring and strenuous.

The DepoKit was designed to create a standardized equipment set up for our videography team to help ensure quality control and make recording depositions simple and user friendly.

The DepoKit has become popular with legal videographers across the country because it is convenient to transport, compact and extremely user friendly.

Our custom turnkey solutions have been featured in the nationally published JCR legal trade magazine and have been sold to legal videographers across the country and overseas.

Whether you are a just starting out in Legal Video or have a large agency and are looking for something to set you apart from the rest, we can customize the perfect turnkey solution for your legal video needs.

The DepoKit is compact, lightweight, pre-wired and looks very sharp in a deposition. Contact us for a free custom quote.


  • The DepoKit complies with ALL 62 STANDARDS of the NCRA legal video guidelines and regulations for video recording a deposition. All components are pre-wired, simply plug in the power and microphones and you are ready to go.
  • Records to TWO simultaneous DVDs. Other recording options are available upon request.A high quality 4 Channel Mixer records audio with LED audio meters to monitor levels and check for peaking.
  • (4) built-in XLR microphone inputs at the back of the system allow for easy audio hook up.
  • Sliding door allows access to cables and components.
  • The DepoKit is supported by a sturdy tray and tripod with adjustable height.
  • Composite Audio/Video cables and necessary adapters come included.
  • DVD recorders have built-in video monitors.
  • The audio mixer outputs a signal to a digital audio recorder.
  • The DepoKit fits in a travel size Pelican case lined with foam core to protect your gear. The case has wheels and a durable pull out handle for easy transport.
  • Note: We do not sell cameras or microphones. Please contact us for a list of recommended cameras and microphones to use with the DepoKit.